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Bliss Basic Party Package

Bliss Basic Party Package

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It will be our pleasure to create a custom design to fit your special occasion.

The Bliss Basic Wrapped Treats Package includes 4 Dozen items of your choice:

-12 Chips

-12 Capri Suns

-12 Rice Krispies

-12Fruit Snacks

-12Air Heads

-12 Hershey Bars

-12 Reese Cups


-12 Skittles

-12 Snickers

-12 M&Ms

-12 Mini Oreo Cookies

-12 Mini Chips Ahoy

-12 Apple Sauce Cups

Whats included??  4 Dozen treats of your choice, designed to the theme provided  and fully assembled.

**Standard processing time is 7 business day,and orders needed sooner can reslut in**


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